About Us

About Us

Medico Egypt We are growing company targeting Egypt dental market. Lunched at 2012. we are looking for a future of confidence through the standardization of business. Our customer can trust us to do everything to maintain this standard in the future. Our label smile with confidence it’s a symbol of medico product quality which keep us in competence area in Egypt dental market 

Medico head office based on Cairo and two branches based on south of Egypt 

Medico vision: medico aiming to cover whole of Egypt as main supplier for dental market through 2020 

Medico strategy: our strategy based on two main franchises

Export franchise: which belong with exportation from international dental company to provide in Egypt market with high quality material with standard price.

Direct sales franchise: by selling direct to customer through telesales center and big network of distribution through medico representatives. We’re constantly working to meet and exceed the expectations of our customer by providing better value and services including

   -High level of technical support

   -100% satisfaction guaranteed return police 

   -Saving cost and time for direct customer 

Medico structure: medico employees like a big family everyone in this company as the son of this family. CEO and national sales manager located in head office in Cairo with finance and HR department and every company branch had own manger and telesales center with team of medico representative. 

Medico website: www.medico-ins.com 

Medico face book: medico@facebook.com